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Pop-Up Window GL-PG3-4 Lightning Headset


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Pop-Up Window Lightning Headset

High-quality pop-up Window lighting Headset for iPhone 7/8/X/XS/XR/11 available at wholesale Prices at iShine.

LIGHTNING headset for iPhone 7: Bluetooth headphones specially designed with a lightning port, which supports you to listen to your favorite music to clear sound quality.

Comfortable and unique design: Headset lightning connector comes with the feature of a minimalistic curvy design. It is defined by the design of the ear, comfortable to wear for hours.

Sound Reduction: The speakers have been designed in a way that they increase the sound output and reduce the sound loss, giving the user a high-quality audio experience.

Built-in remote and microphone: Lightning headset helps to control the playback of your favorite music, and answer calls by simply pressing the button and adjusting the pitch of volume.

Made for you: In-Ear earphones resistant to sweat and water, meaning you could use them even when you are working out or running outdoors.

Sophisticated Design

The In-Ear headset has a curvy design and is sure to stand out from the traditional headphones.

Control Your Sound

pop- up Window lightening Headset built-in microphone lets you enjoy high-quality hands-free calling anytime and anywhere. The user can use the built-in remote control to pause/play audio and also control the music playback, video looping, and answering or ending calls.

Deliver Crystal Clear and Balanced Audio

The internal speakers have been designed in such that they increase sound output and reduce the sound loss, this feature also provides deeper, richer bass to your audio when you are using it.

Protective Coating

pop- up Window Lightning Headset has a volume controller and covered with a protective coating on top.

Perfect Fit

If dropping a headset is your primary concern with cabled headphone devices, this is the perfect headphone for you. It is designed to match the geometry of the human year and does not annoyingly fall off when in use.

Indicative Markers

The Bluetooth lightning connector has indicative markers viz L for a left earbud, R for a right earbud, + and – for volume control to facilitate its users.

Compatible with

The pop-up Window lighting Headset is compatible with iPhone 7, 7 Plus, iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone XS, X.