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Full Glue Screen Protector For Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus


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Full Glue Screen Protector For Samsung Galaxy S8 Series

The Full-Glue Screen Protector is designed with high-quality aluminum tempered glass that gives high clarity.  The screen clarity is 30% higher than that of common tempered glass, highly restoring the screen color. It makes the screen protector possess excellent waterproof, oil-proof, and fingerprint-proof abilities. It fully covers the phone screen and has high transmittance and high touch sensitivity. Our screen protector preserves the original retinal viewing quality. It is to restore the true color and keep your screen clarity clear. Fingers glide across it just like your original glass screen. Our tempered glass is the best-tempered glass, which is better than the plastic or pet film material. The tempered glass can be easily installed. A self-adhesive silicone finish means putting the protector in place is a hassle-free process, and it ensures smooth and bubble-free installation. It provides a smooth safety cut-out around the edges. It is also dust-proof, scratch-proof, anti-shock, and shatter-proof. The screen protector protects the phone from sharp and rough objects. The screen protector uses tempered glass technology that prevents the glass from shattering when meeting heavy impact. The screen protector will crack into small pieces that are held together by the film without hurting the phone screen.

  • Shutter proof: fracture defensive splash, protect the phone.
  • 9H hardness: 9H hardness gives full protection to the phone.
  • Oleophobic coating: It is fingerprint- and oil-resistant.
  • Hold precise: Hold precise has the same model.
  • Color display: The color display for the Samsung Galaxy S Series
  • Adopts the liquid fingerprint oil plasma sp
  • Quickly respond to the screen.
  • With exclusive high-light transmittance technology
  • It is easy to install and auto-airs out with no bubbles.

S8, S8 Plus