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Compatible Tempered Glass For iPhone 14 Series (Pack of 25)


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Compatible Tempered Glass For iPhone 14 Series

You can carry your phone without worrying about scratches. The premium-quality tempered glass with curved edges gives extreme protection from every side, which can develop cracks on the phone screen. The tempered glass is ultra-thin and ultra-clear, offering the phone high security along with a smooth touch. The tempered glass is easy to install and easy to remove without any kind of hassle.

Full-screen coverage: tempered glass provides full-screen coverage. It is compatible with the fingerprint sensor and display.

Protective film: it is made of fully protective film, especially AB glue, which is automatically absorbed during the installation and prevents air bubbles effectively.

High Transparency: 99% transparent, crystal-clear tempered glass gives you the best visual experience.

Surface hardness: tempered glass film gives the surface hardness. 9H hardness is scratch-resistant. It is equipped with an oleophobic coating, which effectively reduces the appearance of fingerprints. So, it keeps your screen safe effectively; if the screen protector is broken, it will not damage your screen. The broken tempered glass is not splashing everywhere.

iPhone Model

iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max