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ANG JHD-113 Smart Phone Car Holder


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ANG JHD-113 Smart Phone Car Holder

The smartphone car holder also comes with a quick-release system which allows you to ANG JHD- 113 smartphone car holder position holder simply flip the clip over and it will lock the suction mount onto the surface. The back of the holder is rotatable and allows you to position your handset however you would like. Once you have found a position that is most comfortable for you, tighten the screw and it will then lock the holder into that position. You set the position you like:

  • Strong Magnetic Force: Ultra-strong magnetic car mount holds your phone securely and stably in place when you are driving; support smartphones lighter than 500g including iPhone 7 / 6s / 6 / 5s / 5, Samsung Note 8 / S8 / S8+ and more
  • Lightweight and Compact: ANG JHD- 113 smartphone holder comes in a small size and is lightweight, it will also help you to save space; it also can be a good companion when you are driving or at work
  • User-friendly Design: The smartphone car holder can attach the magnetic base to your phone and use it anywhere such as your car’s AC vent and desk as a phone stand; the mount is padded with soft rubber to avoid scratching your smartphone or other devices and ensure smooth contact
  • Convenient to Use: Designed for one-handed use; easily remove your phone from the magnetic base; circular and rectangular metal discs can be placed between your case and phone or can be directly adhered to the back of your phone
  • Wide Screen Suction Mount: it comes with a windscreen suction mount and a fully adjustable flexible arm, so you can position the holder anywhere on your windscreen for comfort and the custom molds that incorporate cut-outs allow you to plug the handset into charge whilst it is still in the holder





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