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ANG H-CT303 Magnetic Car Mobile Holder


  • Two-way charging: Can be used to charge your phone while it is mounted in the holder.
  • Noise reduction: Reduces the noise of your phone’s vibration when driving.
  • Built-in air vent clip: Can be attached to your car’s air vent for extra stability.
  • Compatible with a wide range of magnetic cases: Works with most magnetic cases, including the ANG Magnetic Car Mount Case.


ANG H-CT303 Magnetic Car Mobile Holder

Magnetic Car Mobile Holder H-CT303 provides you with safe driving—no wobbling and no slippery The magnetic car phone holder firmly holds your phone in an accurate place. mounting your mobile phone on the dashcam You can use it after 24 hours; it will be more stable.

Powerful magnetic force and handle with one-handedly: Powerful magnetic mobile phone uses a strong magnet to secure the mobile phone’s holder. Make sure that the phone is attached to the mount. There are no bumps and curve surfaces. It is used more conveniently; just simply hold your smartphone to the mount and let it go to the one-handed ergonomic operation.

Wide compatibility: mobile phone car cradle can be seamlessly installed in any car vehicle, cars trucks, and caravans. Magnetic mobile phone brackets can be compatible with the HTC, Nokia, Blackberry, Huawei, Samsung, and other mobile phones and GPS.

360 rotation and stability: Magnetic phone bracket is unique in shape. It makes it possible to adjust your phone across 360 degrees. You can tilt and rotate the phone over the 360 rotation, which gives the perfect viewing position. The magnetic phone mount sticks to the dashboard. It is professional-grade heat resistant. The adhesive tape is super sticky, but it leaves no mark on that particular place. While installing the car phone holder tear off the protective film.