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ANG 3 Pin Universal Laptop Power Adapter Cable For C5/C7/C13


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ANG 3 Pin C5 Universal Laptop Power Adapter Cable

The high-quality “Clover Leaf” Lead comes with a molded UK Mains Plug on one end and a connector on the other. The longer length is ideal if the mains power socket is not close to your device. The cable is rated at 5A and the mains plug comes fitted with a 5A fuse. It is CE-marked and RoHS-compliant. It is widely used to connect the laptop mains adaptor/charger to the mains socket and as the power lead on LED TVs. Please check your existing cable to ensure it has the connector and will therefore be compatible with a laptop Power Cord features one EU power plug and one 3-prong connector, making it a suitable replacement cable for an HP, Toshiba, or any other laptop that features a cloverleaf/ power connection.
Power outlets: Spare/replacement laptop power cable for use with grounded European/ power outlets
Extend the connection: You can cover the distance between your laptop and the power outlet by 2m
3-pin UK main plug: UK Mains 240V Lead – commonly known as a “Clover Leaf” Lead, it’s fitted with a 3-pin UK Mains Plug and rated at 5A.
Molded plug – Each lead has a molded 240V UK mains electrical plug with a replaceable 5A fuse. Designed for durability and dependability,
Laptop chargers: It is used by a wide range of manufacturers including Acer, Compaq, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Sony & Toshiba.
Compatible with: Used with a wide range of smart TVs including some of the LG product range.




C5, C7, C13